World Premium
Patient-Derived Xenograft Service

Premium Incubator

  • Accurate and Credible Clinical Information
  • High Quality Models with Strict Passage Control
  • Detailed Genomic Information
  • Convenient One-Stop Total Solution
  • Large PDX Repository with Various Cancer Types
World Priemium PDX Service
We proudly present the highest quality PDX service for precision cancer medicine
Convenience and Continuity
DNA Link, Inc. offers complete A-to-Z PDX service package, including customized model establishment, molecular/pathological validation, drug efficacy testing, immune-therapy research with humanized models, and advanced analysis in DNA/RNA/protein level. This continuity in research will expedite the turnaround time and add more value to your studies.
Accurate and Credible Clinical Information
DNA Link, Inc.'s strong connection with top medical centers enables the access to one of the most sophisticated and credible electronic medical records(EMR) of the original patients.
Top Class Genomic Profiling
With more than 15 years of experience in genomic research, DNA Link, Inc. offers top class genomic profiling in detail for every PDX model. All models are profiled with whole exome sequencing and whole transcriptome sequencing with high coverage. Detailed information on cancer-related mutations and gene expression is available.
High Quality Models with Strict Passage Control
DNA Link, Inc. uses passage 5 or earlier models for all research to ensure the genetic and pathological traits of the tumor are maintained and represent the original patient as much as possible. In many papers, it is proven that the PDX model earlier than passage 5 can be considered “the same” as the original ones, and is the best representation of the patients so far.
Premium Incubator
All models are established with NOD-scid-IL2Rgnull (NSG) strain at DNA Link, Inc. The immune-deficiency is extremely higher than general nude models, and its longer lifespan is more suitable for cancer research.
PDX Model
Patient-Derived Xenograft Service
Customized PDX model Production
Repository of 300+ Models
Drug Efficacy Testing
Drug Efficacy Testing
Drug Screening
Advanced Analysis
Mutation Profilling by Whole Exome Sequencing
Expression Analysis by Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
Marker Analysis by Multiplex IHC